The Achievements page

Achievements are goals that the player can complete to win prizes. The prizes vary from flour to Meowbux.


There are currently 74 achievements. Often the name of an achievement will be different from Bread Kittens to Bread Puppies. If this is the case, the Bread Kittens name will be on top and the Bread Puppies name will be on the bottom.

Name Requirements Group Reward
New Cat Mom
New Adopter
Bread and capture 10 kittens/puppies Catch +2 Bread
You Had Me at Meow
Sucker for Dogs
Bread and capture 20 kittens/puppies Catch +2 Bread
Kitten Cuddler
Puppy Cuddler
Bread and capture 40 kittens/puppies Catch +2 Bread
Adoption Addict Bread and capture 60 kittens/puppies Catch +2 Bread
Dances with Cats
Dances with Dogs
Bread and capture 70 kittens/puppies Catch +2 Bread


  • Meowbux amounts are usually not very generous in achievements.......