Australian Cattle Dog
Location: Grazey Pasture
Rarity: Common
Elusive: N/A
The Australian Cattle Dog is a common puppy found in Grazey Pasture.

Lucky Capture: __ Bowbux

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The ACD (Australian Cattle Dog) is a medium-sized, short-furred dog with large upright ears. It has a blue-on-black coat with tan markings, and brown eyes.


The ACD is found in Grazey Pasture at battle nodes: 1-11, 13-14; levels: 29-34.


  • Attack = 6
  • Health = 4
  • Speed = 4


  • The ACD is the only common dog in Grazey Pasture, and is currently the last common dog of the game.
  • The ACD is a member of the herding group, as its name indicates.


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