Location: Timber Forest, Malburg
Rarity: Very Rare
Elusive: 2
 The Bengal is a Very Rare kitten found in Timber Forest and Malburg.


The Bengal has stripes and spots. The three coat variations are orange spots, grey, and orange stripes. It is a very rare cat, and is from the game Bread Kittens.

Timber ForestEdit

  • Lvl 48-51
  • Attack 8, Health 8, Speed 12
  • Lucky Bread 135 Meowbux
  • Second, Fourth, and Sixth battle spots

Timber Forest (Elusive)Edit

  • Lv 48-51
  • Attack 8, Health 9, Speed 13
  • Lucky Bread 135 Meowbux
  • Third and Sixth battle spots

Malburg (Elusive)Edit

  • Lvl 60
  • Attack 8, Health 9, Speed 13
  • Lucky Bread 200 Meowbux
  • Second and Fifth battle spots


  • The Bengal is currently the most popular wildcat hybrid.
  • The Bengal was bred by scientists to try to introduce the wildcat's natural immunity to feline leukemia into the pet population.The project failed,but the resulting hybrid caught the eye of breeders and became a breed.
  • The Bengal was originally called the Leopardette.

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