Bernese Mountain Dog
Location: Froslandica
Rarity: Very Rare
Elusive: N/A

The Bernese Mountain Dog, or "Berner," is a very rare puppy found in Froslandica.

Lucky Bread: 2000 Bowbux

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The Berner is a large, tri-color dog, with a mainly black coat and white and rust-colored markings. It has large pink tongue, and small, triangular brown eyes.


The Berner is found in Froslandica at battle nodes 3-4, 7, 12, 14; levels 35-37, 39-40.


  • Attack = 7
  • Health = 9
  • Speed = 8


  • Bernese Mountain Dogs are one of the four Sennenhund-type dogs from the Swiss Alps.
  • This breed was developed for working, notably from their large and strong stature and weather resistant coat.
  • This dog is often referred to as "The Berner".
  • Although a large dog, The Bernese Mountain dog tends to be very shy.
  • They were originally bred as farm dogs to be used as draft animals and pulling carts.


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