Location: Sunrise Shores, Timber Forest
Rarity: Common
Elusive: 2

The Bobtail is a Common kitten, which can be found in Sunrise Shores and Timber Forest.


The Bobtail is a cat with a round face and is noted for having a short, stumpy tail. A Bobtail may come in brown, calico, or grey variations.

Sunrise ShoresEdit

  • Lvl 40 and 43
  • Attack 5, Health 5, Speed 3
  • Lucky Bread is 15 Meowbux
  • First and Fifth battle spots.

Sunrise Shores (Elusive)Edit

  • Lv 41 and 43
  • Attack 6, Health 5, Speed 4
  • Lucky Bread is 15 Meowbux
  • Second and Fifth battle spots.

Timber Forest (Elusive)Edit

  • Lvl 48 and 51
  • Attack 5, Health 6, Speed 4
  • Lucky Bread is 15 Meowbux
  • Third and Sixth battle spots


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