Breads are a great way to up your game.  After having breaded your kitten and capturing it, you can equip it with "armor bread" to enhance your kitten's overall stats or a particular stat. You can use a bread to make up a weak stat or enhance one of their best stats.

Breads are unlocked upon completion of a region.  Once unlocked, the recipe must be purchased before it can be baked. It can be purchased with a set amount of flour or Meowbux.  Once purchased, to bake it requires flour and time.  Just like in the tutorial, each bread's baking time can be hurried with an amount of Meowbux that increases with each recipe unlocked. If an "armor bread" is removed from one kitten/puppy, that bread has to be baked again to equip it to a different kitten/puppy.

Each bread page shows the Percentage Bonus, Region Unlocked, Recipe Cost, and how much Flour the Recipe calls for.

Capture BreadsEdit


The Wheat bread and the White bread cannot be worn by any cat, it can only be thrown to catch any type of kitten. The Wheat bread is a variant of the White bread and it is no different from the White, it just makes more Capture Bread every time you bake it in the oven.

The other two, the Kare-pan and the Taiyaki, add the chance to bread any kitten or puppy, one being 1.5x(Kare-pan) and the other being 2.0x(Taiyaki) . These two can be worn by your kitten/puppy. If attempting to use the bonus of the bread, though, your kitten or puppy with the capture bread equipped must be active in battle.

Attack BreadsEdit


These loaf-themed breads can be worn by the kitten or puppy and will add attack damage to the kitten/puppy, so their attacks will do more damage.

Health BreadsEdit


Health breads are types of bagels and add health to the kitten/puppy that is wearing it. However, they are less efficient than leech breads.

Crit BreadsEdit


Crit breads, which are all types of buns, increase the chance of critical hits performed by the kitten/puppy.

Leech BreadsEdit


If the kitten/puppy is equipped with a breakfast-themed leech bread, each of its attacks will add to its own health. For example, if a random kitten/puppy equipped with the Waffle does 100 damage, it will add to its own health by 30.

Stat BreadsEdit


These flatbreads add to all the stats of your kitten/puppy (Excluding the leech stats and Critical and catching stats) by the given percentage.