Bull Terrier
Location: Tranquil Loch, Boss
Rarity: Rare
Elusive: N/A
The Bull Terrier is a rare puppy and is the Boss of the Tranquil Loch region.

Lucky Bread: 1200 Bowbux

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The Bull Terrier is a short-furred, sturdy white dog, with pink skin showing around its nose and inside its ears. It has upright, pointed ears and small, brown eyes.


The Bull Terrier is the Boss of Tranquil Loch, and is therefore found on the 15th battle node of the region, at level 11.


  • Attack = 8
  • Health = 6
  • Speed = 6


  • The Bull Terrier is the first rare dog to appear in Bread Puppies.
  • The Bull Terrier is also known for it's one-of-a kind eyes, being the only dog with triangular shaped eyes.


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