Location: Eastport Harbor,Sunrise Shores,Malburg
Rarity: Rare
Elusive: 2

The Cheetoh is a Rare kitten found in Eastport Harbor, Sunrise Shores and Malburg.

Description Edit

Cheetohs are exotic looking cats with tipped ears, a spotted coat, and striped legs and tail. There are 2 Elusive varieties of this kitten.

Stats Edit


Eastport Harbor-

Attack- 10, Health- 5, Speed- 12

Sunrise Shores-

Attack- 9, Health- 6, Speed- 12

Trivia Edit

The Cheetoh is one of a few kittens whose Elusive forms are found before the original. Other examples include Turkish Angora, the Siberian and the Norwegian Forest Cat.

Location Edit

The Eastport Harbor version of this cat appears on the third and fifth nodes.

The Sunrise Shores version appears on the third node only.

The Malburg version appears on the third and seventh node.

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