Colonel Meow
Colmeow link
Location: Argentvale, Amberfield, Snowridge Valley
Rarity: Unique
Elusive: 3

Colonel Meow is a Unique kitten found in Argentvale, Amberfield, and Snowridge Valley.

Argentvale (Elusive)Edit

  • Level 16
  • Attack: 8, Health: 11, Speed: 13
  • Lucky Bread: 265 Meowbux
  • Fifth node.

Amberfield (Elusive)Edit

Colmeow link
  • Level 31
  • Attack: 9, Health: 11, Speed: 14
  • Lucky Bread: 265 Meowbux
  • Sixth node.

Snowridge Valley (Elusive)Edit

  • Level 55
  • Attack: 9, Health: 11, Speed: 14
  • Lucky Bread: 265 Meowbux
  • Fourth node.


  • Other than the Norwegian Forest Cat, Colonel Meow is the only kitten in the game whose variants are all elusive.
  • Colonel Meow appears the earliest of all the Unique kittens in the game, appearing three regions earlier than any other. The next earliest is the Green Colonel Meow, in Amberfield, and then the Lion, in Eastport Harbor.
  • Colonel Meow is based on the popular internet meme cat, Colonel Meow, who held a world record for the longest hair on a cat.
  • Oddly enough, the Amberfield Colonel Meow and the Snowridge Valley Colonel Meow have the exact same stats. The only difference is in the uniform color.
  • The idea of Colonel Meow wearing a military uniform may come from Colonel Meow fanart.