The Colosseum is one of the game features in Bread Kittens. The Colosseum requires at least two people to use.


The Colosseum appears on the map as a roman colosseum on a floating patch of land with chunks of land falling off.


The Colosseum allows you to fight against other player's kittens. You choose a ceartain cat, and you either invite another player to fight, or you have the game randomly choose one. After you invite a player or have one randomly selected, you fight like you would in a regular battle. After fighting, you can gain rewards if you won.

Rank Rewards
5 Baking time is now 10% faster, and baking costs 10% less flour.
10 Attack bread grants 10% more attack power, and crit. bread grants 10% more crit.
15 Max capture chance of rare kittens increases by 5%, and Max capture chance of Very Rare kittens increases by 2%.
20 Health bread and Leech bread benefits increase by 10%
25 The chance to obtain flour from battles gains an extra 15% and the chance to obtain cat chow from battles gains an extra 10%
30 Stat bread benefits increase by 10%, and Capture bread benefits now have an extra 1.25x.
35 All kittens get an extra 20% added onto their health, and they now regenerate 20% quicker.
40 Cat chow will now heal 100% of a kitten's health, and you can now escape battles for free!

Trivia Edit

  • The Colosseum was introduced in Update 2.03.9, om Feb. 19th, 2013.

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