The Colosseum is one of the game features in Bread Kittens. The Colosseum requires at least two people to use.


The Colosseum appears on the top left corner of the map as a Roman colosseum on a floating patch of land with chunks of land falling off.


The Colosseum allows you to fight against other player's kittens. You choose a ceartain cat, and you either invite another player to fight, or you have the game randomly choose one. After you invite a player or have one randomly selected, you fight like you would in a regular battle. After fighting, you can gain rewards if you won.

Rank Rewards
5 Baking time is now 10% faster, and baking costs 10% less flour.
10 Attack bread grants 10% more attack power, and crit. bread grants 10% more crit.
15 Max capture chance of rare kittens increases by 5%, and Max capture chance of Very Rare kittens increases by 2%.
20 Health bread and Leech bread benefits increase by 10%
25 The chance to obtain flour from battles gains an extra 15% and the chance to obtain cat chow from battles gains an extra 10%
30 Stat bread benefits increase by 10%, and Capture bread benefits now have an extra 1.25x.
35 All kittens get an extra 20% added onto their health, and they now regenerate 20% quicker.
40 Cat chow will now heal 100% of a kitten's health, and you can now escape battles for free!

Trivia Edit

  • The Colosseum was introduced in Update 2.03.9, om Feb. 19th, 2013.