Location: Perroguay, Boss
Rarity: Rare
Elusive: N/A

The Greyhound is a rare puppy, and the boss of Perroguay.

Lucky Bread: 1200 Bowbux

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The Greyhound has a lithe, tall body and long face. Its tail is tucked between its back legs. Its coat is tan-brown in color, you can barely see its ribs. It's ears are 3/4 of the way up giving it a cute appearance. It has a long muzzle with walnut shaped, brown eyes. 


The Greyhound is the boss dog of Perroguay, and is located at the 15th, or final, battle node of Perroguay, at level 28.


  • Attack = 8
  • Health = 6
  • Speed = 9


  • It will come as no surprise to the dog aficionado that the Greyhound's highest stat is Speed, because Greyhounds are used as racing dogs in real life.


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