Location: Timber Forest
Rarity: Uncommon
Elusive: No

 The Javanese is an uncommon cat found in Timber Forest.


The Javanese is a very pale grey cat with dark stripes on its forehead and tail and dark paws. Its eyes are bright blue.

Timber ForestEdit

  • Lvl 48, 49A, 51, 53A (A = ambush)
  • Attack 7 Stars, Health 5 Stars, Speed 8 Stars
  • Lucky Bread 25 Meowbux
  • Second, FourthA, Sixth and EighthA battle nodes


  • Javanese cats are a mix between a Balinese and a Colorpoint Shorthair.
  • The breed is smart and mischievous.
  • They are very social and like attention.

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