Location: Snowridge Valley, Malburg
Rarity: Unique and Very Rare
Elusive: 2

The Leopard is a Unique kitten found in Snowridge Valley and Malburg. The beige variation is the Boss for Snowridge Valley.


The Leopard is a large, wild cat with spots. Its 3 species variations are the clouded leopard , snow leopard and normal leopard . 

Snowridge ValleyEdit

  • Lvl 59
  • Attack 8, Health 10, Speed 15
  • Lucky Bread 400 MeowBux
  • Eighth node (Boss)

Malburg (Elusive)Edit

  • Lvl 60
  • Attack 9, Health 10, Speed 15
  • Lucky Bread 400 MeowBux
  • First and fourth nodes

Malburg (Elusive)Edit

  • Lvl 60
  • Attack 8, Health 11, Speed 15
  • Lucky Bread 400 MeowBux
  • Fifth node

Malburg (Very Rare)Edit

  • Lvl = highest level of the kittens in your team or level 1 if no kittens are present in team
  • Attack 8, Health 9, Speed 12
  • Cannot be breaded
  • Buy at the Adoption Center


  • The Leopard is the only kitten breed with 4 different variations and two different rarities. It's also the only kitten in the game to have its elusive variants appear in the same region.
  • The first three variations of the Leopard (which can be breaded) seem to be based off the snow leopard, an endangered big cat which lives in snowy climates. The (Very Rare) Leopard, which cannot be breaded, seems to be based off the leopards living in tropical rainforests.
  • Along with the Sand Cat, Ginger Tabby, Palas Cat and Mythicat, the (Very Rare) Leopard is a kitten that cannot be breaded because it can only be purchased in the Adoption Center.The original leopard (boss) is another species of leopard called the clouded leopard