There are currently 106 different dogs to be caught in Woofshire. Below is a list of all dogs sorted by rarity.As there are no Elusives in Bread Puppies, the Elusive column has been omitted.

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Common (17 breeds)Edit

Picture Name Region
AmericanCockerSpaniel American Cocker Spaniel Tranquil Loch
AmericanWaterSpaniel American Water Spaniel Tranquil Loch
Australiancattledog Australian Cattle Dog Grazey Pasture
BassetHound Basset Hound Breezy Expanse
Borzoi Borzoi Perroguay
Chesapeake Chesapeake Bay Retriever Tranquil Loch
Chihuahua Chihuahua

Starter Dog 

Breezy Expanse

ChineseCrested Chinese Crested  Aigou City
Daschund Daschund Breezy Expanse
Foxterrier Fox Terrier Breezy Expanse
Japanesechin Japanese Chin Hoshu Isle
Blacklab Labrador Retriever Breezy Expanse
MiniatureSchnauzer Miniature Schnauzer Tranquil Loch
Pekingese Pekingese Aigou City
Ratterrier Rat Terrier Perroguay
Saluki Saluki Hoshu Isle
Tibetianterrier Tibetan Terrier Aigou City

Uncommon (21 Breeds)Edit

Picture Name Region
Affenpinscher Engleville
Americaneskimodog American Eskimo Dog Froslandica
Anatolianshepherd Anatolian Shepherd Grazey Pasture
Basenji Basenji Perroguay
Beardedcollie Bearded Collie Tranquil Loch
Belgiansheepdog Belgian sheepdog Grazey Pasture
Boston Terrier New Yorkie
Chowchow Chow Chow Aigou City
Finnish Spitz Clover Cliffs
GoldenRetriever Golden Retriever Tranquil Loch
Greatpyrenees Great Pyrenees Froslandica
Havanese Havanese Perroguay
Irish Setter Clover Cliffs
Pointer Engleville
Pomeranian Pomeranian Breezy Expanse
Puli Puli Hoshu Isle
Schnauzer Schnauzer Breezy Expanse
Sharpei Shar Pei Aigou City
Shibainu Shiba Inu Hoshu Isle
Shihtzu Shih Tzu Hoshu Isle
Tibetanspaniel Tibetan Spaniel Aigou City

Rare (27 Breeds)Edit

Picture Name Region
Afghanhound Afghan Hound Perroguay
Airedale Terrier Engleville
Akita Akita Hoshu Isle
Alaskanmalamute Alaskan Malamute Froslandica
American Foxhound New Yorkie
Arctic Fox Thundery Crag
Briard Barkley Hills
Bichon Frise
Bordercollie Border Collie Grazey Pasture
Bullmastiff Thundery Crag
Bullterrier Bull Terrier Tranquil Loch
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Barkley Hills
Dalmation New Yorkie
English Foxhound Engleville
English Setter Engleville
English Spinger Spaniel Engleville
Giant Schnauzer Clover Cliffs
Great Dane Clover Cliffs
Greyhound Greyhound Perroguay
Mastiff Thundery Crag
Jack Russell Terrier New Yorkie
Keeshond Keeshond Froslandica
Komondor Komondor Perroguay
Lhasaapso Lhasa Apso Aigou City
Maltese Maltese Hoshu Isle
Newfoundland Clover Cliffs
Oldenglishsheepdog Old English Sheepdog Grazey Pasture
Pug New Yorkie
Reindog Reindog Froslandica
Samoyed Samoyed Froslandica
Sheltie Shetland Sheepdog Grazey Pasture
Shipperke Clover Cliffs

Very Rare (12 Breeds)Edit

Picture Name Region
IMG 1243
American Staffordshire New Yorkie
Australianshepherd Australian Shepherd Grazey Pasture
Bernesemountaindog Bernese Mountain Dog Froslandica
Boxer New Yorkie
Brittany Engleville
Doberman Pinscher Thundery Crag
French Bulldog Barkley Hills
IMG 2759
King Charles Spaniel
Thundery Crag
IMG 2751
Irish Terrier Clover Cliffs
Irish Water Spaniel Clover Cliffs
Irish Wolfhound Clover Cliffs
Izabizian Hound Thundery Crag
Miniature Pinscher Thundery Crag
Barkley Hills
Barkley Hills
Rottweiler Thundery Crag
Saintbernard Saint Bernard Froslandica
IMG 0907
Tundra Wolf Thundery Crag
Weimaraner Engleville

Unique (14 Breeds) Edit

Picture Name Region
Australian Terrier
Barkley Hills
Bedlington Terrier
Barkley Hills
IMG 1196
Cardigan Welsh Corgi New Yorkie
Barkley Hills
Fennec Fox Thundery Crag
German Shepherd
Thundery Crag
Gray Wolf
Thundery Crag
IMG 0725
Nine-tailed Fox Thundery Crag
IMG 2649
Pembroke Welsh Corgi New Yorkie
Siberianhusky Siberian Husky Froslandica
Welsh Terrier Clover Cliffs
IMG 2751 (1)
Whippet Engleville
Yorkshire Terrier
Barkley Hills

Trivia Edit

  • Many of the dogs in Bread Puppies are not in the list please add them if they are not
  • The Fennec Fox, Nine-Tailed Fox, Tundra Wolf, And Arctic Fox, can not be found in the wild and can be obtained by inviting facebook friends or purchased (expect the Fennec Fox)

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