Features Edit

Location: Hoshu Isle
Rarity: Rare
Elusive: N/A

The Maltese is a rare dog found on Hoshu Isle.

Lucky Bread: 1200 Bowbux

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The Maltese is a small, long-haired dog with silky white fur, tinged with a bit of gray. It wears a small red bow to keep the fur out of its face. It has round brown eyes.


The Maltese is located on Hoshu Isle at battle nodes __, levels __.


  • Attack = 6
  • Health = 8
  • Speed = 6


  • The Maltese is the first rare puppy that is not a region boss.
  • This Maltese is originally from the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta, from which it gets its name.
  • The Maltese is a favorite dog breed among royalty, and is called one of the "fearless" breeds as it won't hesitate to stand up for its owner.
  • Maltese who went to doggie Heaven in Greece were commemorated with tombs as they were very special.


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