Location: Vino, Cane Island, Mer Delta
Rarity: Common
Elusive: 2

The Manx is a Common kitten that can appear in Vino, Cane Island, and Mer Delta.


The Manx from Vino is a brown cat with dark brown stripes and a cream underbelly. It has green eyes. Also, it doesn't have a tail.

The Manx from Cane Island is a orange cat with darker stripes and cream-colored mouth, chest and paws. It has green eyes and no tail.

The Manx from Mer Delta is gray with darker stripes; with a white mouth, chest and paws. It has yellow eyes and no tail.


  • Level 6-9
  • Lucky Bread: 15 Meowbux
  • Second, third, sixth and seventh nodes. Ambushes at first and fifth nodes.
  • Common stats: Attack: 5, Health: 5, Speed: 3

Cane Island (Elusive)Edit

  • Level 10-13
  • Lucky Bread: 15 Meowbux
  • First, third, fifth and seventh nodes.
  • Common stats: Attack: 6, Health: 5, Speed: 4

Mer Delta (Elusive)Edit

  • Level 18-22
  • Lucky Bread: 15 Meowbux
  • First, third, fifth and seventh nodes.
  • Common stats: Attack: 5, Health: 6, Speed: 4


  • In real life, the Manx (often called Manks in earlier times) was a breed of cat originating on the Isle of Man. Also, it is one of only a few cats to not have a tail.

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