Marbled Rye
Percent Boost: 90% Damage
Bake Price: 45 Flour
Bake Time: 05:25:00
Recipe Cost: Unlocked Automatically
Region Unlock: Sunrise Shores and New Yorkie
Marbled rye bread is a tasty combination that can include a range of different types of rye bread.  One of the more popular combinations used to create marbled rye bread involves the addition of pumpernickel rye dough in the recipe.  In Bread Kittens and Bread Puppies, Marbled Rye gives your attacks a 90% damage boost!

In Bread Kittens, it is unlocked after completing Sunrise Shores along with Pita.

In Bread Puppies, it is unlocked after completing New Yorkie along with Pita.

Loaf Breads (Attack Breads)Edit

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