Location: Sunrise Shores, Snowridge Valley, Malburg
Rarity: Very Rare
Elusive: 2

The Munchkin is a Very Rare kitten found in Sunrise Shores, Snowridge Valley, and Malburg.


The Munchkin has very short legs with color variations of orange, gray, and white. The orange Munchkin is level 41-44. The gray Munchkin's level is 54. The level for the white Munchkin is 60. The gray tabby and orange tabby both have darker swirl patterns across their flanks, lighter underbellys and green eyes. The white Munchkin has frosty blue eyes.All three munchkins have three vertical stripes on their foreheads.

Sunrise ShoresEdit

*Level: 41-44
  • Attack 10, Health 6, Speed 1
  • Lucky Bread: 135 Meowbux
  • Fourth Battle Spot, can ambush

Snowridge Valley (Elusive)Edit

*Level: 54
  • Attack 11, Health 6, Speed 1
  • Lucky Bread: 135 Meowbux
  • Second Battle Spot

Malburg (Elusive)Edit

*Level: 60
  • Attack 10, Health 7, Speed 1
  • Lucky Bread: 135 Meowbux
  • Second,Fourth, Battle Spots


  • This cat's orange variant is the cat featured on the icon of the Bread Kittens app.
  • Munchkins are seen as the logo cat for Bread Kittens, similar to Pikachu in Pokemon. As logos they are seen with Crepe on their heads.
  • The white Munchkin is seen with very sloppy colors as a Not Battled/Captured Yet silhouette. Yet when she is captured/battled the soft lines clean up which might be seen as "fur" flying off it.
  • In real life, Munchkins are a breed of cat with dachshund-like bodies and short, stubby legs. One of the best-known Munchkins is Yoda, a grey Munchkin who is a sensation on Vine and Instagram.


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