Nine-tailed Fox
Location: Thundery Crag
Rarity: Unique
Elusive: None

The Nine-tailed Fox is a Unique puppy only found in the Adoption Center.

Lucky Bread: N/A

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Description Edit

The Nine-tailed Fox, as its name describes, is a 'winter white' fox with nine tails that are all blue-tipped. Its ears are blue-tipped as well. It has large fur and short legs, and its eyes are blue.

Adoption Center Edit

  • Level is the level of the highest leveled puppy in your team.
  • Attack 12, Health 7, Speed 6
  • It can only be obtained by adopting the Arctic Fox and the Tundra Wolf. To adopt the Nine-tailed Fox, the player must invite friends from Facebook or buy them with approximately 4,000 BowBux.

Trivia Edit

  • Nine-tailed Fox is likely based on a kyubi-no-kitsune, or nine-tailed fox.
  • Despite being listed as being from Thundery Crag in-game, it actually cannot be obtained there, like all the other Special cats and dogs.

Gallery Edit

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