Location: Timber Forest, Snowridge Valley, Malburg, Adoption Center
Rarity: Very Rare
The Ocicat is a very rare kitten found in Timber ForestSnowridge Valley, and Malburg.


The Ocicat is a cat with a spotted body and head, and amber eyes. It comes in three colors--yellow, gray, and dark orange. Although one of them says that you can get it in Timber Forest, you can actually only get in it Snowridge Valley.

Snowridge ValleyEdit

Level: __

Attack: 10, Health: 6, Speed: 3

Lucky Bread 135 Meowbux

4 Battle spot in Snowridge Valley ambushes at second

Snowridge Valley (Elusive)Edit

 Level: __

Attack: 10, Health: 7, Speed: 4

Lucky Bread 135 Meowbux

1,5 Battle spot

Malburg (Elusive)Edit

Level: 60

Attack: 11, Health: 6, Speed: 4

Lucky Bread 135 Meowbux

2-6 Battle spot

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