Location: Peris
Rarity: Common
Elusive: None

The Oddeye is a Common cat found in Peris on the 3rd, 4th, and 7th nodes. It also ambushes on 1st and 5th nodes.


The Oddeye is all white; one eye is blue, the other green.


  • Common stats: Attack: 5, Health: 5, Speed: 3
  • Lucky Bread: 15 Meowbux


  • "Oddeye" is a term used to mean anything with eyes of different colors, where the Oddeye got its name.
  • The Oddeye has a condition called heterochromia, meaning its eyes are different colors. 
  • If there is a space for another cat on your team, a silhouette of the Oddeye will be in the space. 
  • The button used for switching out your current cat for another on your team also has a silhouette of an Oddeye on it.