Palas Cat
Palas Cat
Location: Adoption Center/Malburg
Rarity: Rare
Elusive: N/A

The Palas Cat is a Rare kitten supposedly located in Malburg.


  • Attack 9
  • Health 6
  • Speed 11


It says you can find the Palas Cat in Malburg, but you can really only adopt it in the Adoption Center. After you buy the Palas Cat, you can buy the ( Very Rare) Leopard and the Mythicat. It costs 55 meowbux or you can invite three friends on Facebook to play Breadkittens.


  • Along with the Ginger Tabby, the Mythicat, ( Very Rare) Leopard, and the Sand Cat, the Palas Cat is one of the only cats that cannot be breaded by battling.
  • In the beginning tutorial, you are prompted to speed up baking bread. You can ignore it and buy the Palas Cat instead.

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