Original Ragamuffin from Amberfield

The Ragamuffin is an uncommon kitten found in Argentvale, Amberfield, and Malburg.

Description Edit

The Ragamuffin is a short, fluffy kitten with a creamy white body. The original Ragamuffin has brownish-grey splotches and has sky blue eyes, along with its elusive version from Malburg. Its elusive version from Amberfield has green eyes. Ragamuffins have large, seemingly swelled heads which gives it a odd, cute-in-a-weird-way look to many. Most people think it has good Defense, but that stat actually does not exist within the game. Instead, they have high Health.

Its Amberfield variation has a black body with a white chest and muzzle combined with emerald green eyes. Also, unlike the original, it has no spots. The Malburg Ragamuffin is a cream color with slightly darker splotches over its body and head with has sky blue eyes.


  • Level 15
  • Attack 5, Health 7, Speed 5
  • Lucky Bread ___ Meowbux
  • Fourth Node

Amberfield (Elusive) Edit

  • Level 28
  • Attack 5, Health 8, Speed 6
  • Lucky Bread 25 Meowbux
  • First Node, Fourth Node

Malburg (Elusive) Edit

  • Level 60
  • Attack 6, Health 7, Speed 6
  • Lucky Bread 25 Meowbux
  • First, Seventh, Node

Trivia Edit

  • Ragamuffins originate from another breed of cat called the Ragdoll, and have breeding roots in them. Also, they have been bred from Burmese, Birman, and Persian cats.
  • Ragamuffins have history originating from Ragdolls. Ragdolls are also called "Daughters of Josephine", due to the original Ragdoll being named Josephine. However, after ragdoll breeders disagreeing, a new breed was created and named Ragamuffin. Ragamuffins are also considered to be daughters of Josephine.