The Scottish Fold is an uncommon kitten found in Amberfield. It has two exclusive colors, one found in Eastport Harbor and the other in Timber Forest.

Scottish Fold
Location: Amberfield, Eastport Harbor, Timber Forest
Rarity: Uncommon
Elusive: 2


The Scottish fold is a relatively small kitten with big, round eyes and ears that are folded forward, making its head look very large. The regularly colored Scottish Fold, found in Amberfield, is a light grey with grey stripes and amber eyes. The elusive color found in Eastport Harbor is orange with darker orange stripes, a white belly, and amber eyes. The elusive color found in Timber Forest is white with black splotches. It is based of the real breed , Scottish Fold. A fun fact about this cat is you can not breed two Scottish Folds because (since of weak ears) the ears will become even weaker and basically will not work.


  • Level ___
  • Attack 6, Health 6, Speed 7
  • Lucky Bread 25 Meowbux
  • It shows up on the second battle spot

Eastport HarborEdit

  • Levels 34, 36, 37
  • Attack 7, Health 6, Speed 8
  • Lucky Bread 25 Meowbux
  • It shows up on the second, fifth and seventh battle spots

Timber ForestEdit

  • Level 49
  • Attack 6, Health 7, Speed 8
  • Lucky Bread 25 Meowbux
  • It shows up on the fourth battle spot


The Scottish Folds are one of the smallest cats in Catlandia, the other being the Munchkin

Scottish Fold cats with long-haired coats are called as "Highland Folds" or "Longhair Folds".


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