Location: Eastport Harbor, Sunrise Shores, Snowridge Valley
Rarity: Very Rare
Elusive: 2

The Singapura is a Very Rare kitten found in Eastport Harbor, Sunrise Shores, and Snowridge Valley.


The Singapura is a short cat with very large, sparkling eyes. Its three colors are tan, gray, and orange. All three variations have the same eye color.

Eastport HarborEdit

  • Lvl 35
  • Attack 7, Health 9, Speed 8
  • Lucky Bread 135 Meowbux
  • Fourth node. Ambushes at second and fourth nodes.

Sunrise Shores (Elusive)Edit

  • Lvl 42
  • Attack 8, Health 9, Speed 9
  • Lucky Bread 135 Meowbux
  • Fourth node only.

Snowridge Valley (Elusive)Edit

  • Lvl 54 and 57
  • Attack 7, Health 10, Speed 9
  • Lucky Bread 135 Meowbux
  • Second and sixth nodes.


  • The Singapura, in real life, is the smallest cat species. They are often mistaken for kittens, although they are full grown.

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