Location: Snowridge Valley
Rarity: Common
Elusive: No

The Snowshoe is a common cat found in Snowridge Valley at node one.


The Snowshoe is tan-colored, with patches of dark brown fur around the eyes, on the front legs, on the ears, and on the tail. Its underbelly, chin, and paws are white. It has ice-blue eyes with slitted pupils.


  • Common stats: Attack: 6, Health: 4, Speed: 2
  • Lucky Bread: 15 Meowbux
  • Helpful tip: It has low speed and HP but not too shabby attack. We'd recommend a Pancake for its bread.


  • Snowshoe cats are the same breed as Grumpy Cat. 
  •  Snowshoe cats look almost exactly like Grumpy cat. 
  •  They are always giving you sarcastic and frosty looks. 

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