Ticked Tabby
Location: Vino
Rarity: Common
Elusive: No

The Ticked Tabby is a Common cat that is found in Vino only.


The Ticked Tabby's base coat is a creamy brown color, and has small flecks of dark brown, light brown and gray-brown on its legs, back, flank and forehead. There are two small stripes above each eye. There is a light cream-brown underbelly on the Ticked Tabby, and has the same shade for paws. The tip of the Ticked Tabby's tail is dark brown, and has dull yellow eyes.

Stats Edit

  • Common stats: Attack: 5, Health: 5, Speed: 2
  • Lucky Bread: 15 Meowbux

Trivia Edit

  • Though the name of the Ticked Tabby refers to its flecked, or "ticked" pattern, the Ticked Tabby actually does look like it's ticked off.