Summary Edit

Location: Sunrise Shores (Boss), Snowridge Valley
Rarity: Unique
Elusive: 1

The Tiger is a Unique cat that can appear in Sunrise Shores (as the Boss) and Snowridge Valley (as the elusive recolor version).


  • The Sunrise Shores tiger is a muscular white cat with black stripes and a stubby tail. It has icy blue eyes.
  • The Snowridge Valley tiger is orange with black stripes. It has white accents on its face, nose, chest, and paws. It has amber eyes.

Sunrise Shores (Boss) Edit

  • Level 46

Attack: 9, Health: 9, Speed: 8

  • Lucky Bread: 265 Meowbux
  • Eighth battle spot (Boss)

Snowridge Valley (Elusive)Edit

  • Level 55 and 58
  • Attack: 10, Health: 9, Speed: 9
  • Lucky Bread: 265 Meowbux
  • Third and Seventh battle spots.


  • Despite first assumptions, the white tiger is not elusive, while the orange one is.

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