Location: Cane Island
Rarity: Common
Elusive: No

The Tortoiseshell is a Common' cat found in Cane Island at the First, Second, FourthA, Fifth, Sixth' and 'EighthA 'battle nodes.


The Tortoiseshell is an average-sized cat with a black, gold and brown marble pattern. Its eyes are green.

Cane IslandEdit

  • Levels 10, 11, 12, 13
  • Common Stats: Attack: 5, Health: 5, Speed: 2
  • Lucky Bread 15 Meowbux


  • Tortoiseshell, in real life, isn't a cat breed, but rather a color. There is another cat with related color patterns, the Calico. The only difference is Calicos have more white.
  • In real life, most Tortoiseshells are female due to their coloring and genetics

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