Tranquil Loch
Game: Bread Puppies
Region Number: 2
Levels: 6 - 11
Highest Rarity: Rare
Boss: Bull Terrier
Breads Unlocked: Rye, Plain Bagel

The Tranquil Loch is the second region in Woofshire.

Upon completing Tranquil Loch, Rye and Plain Bagel breads are unlocked. Its Bread Kittens region counterpart is Vino.

Came From: Breezy Expanse

Next stop: Aigou City

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The Tranquil Loch is a pleasant grassy area with a few pine trees. It also has a few small lakes (lochs).
Unlike the Bread Kittens regions, this region takes up two full screens.

Common Puppies

Uncommon Puppies

Rare Puppies


The full region, cropped together from screenshots.

Battle SpotsEdit

This Region has 15 spots where you can bread puppies and earn 1 - 3 stars.

Node Level Puppy Health
1 7 Miniature Schnauzer 822
Golden Retriever ???
American Cocker Spaniel 1196
2 7 American Water Spaniel 1071
3 7 American Cocker Spaniel 1196
Miniature Schnauzer 822
4 8 American Cocker Spaniel 1343
5 8 Chesapeake Bay Retriever 1195
American Cocker Spaniel 1343
6 8 Miniature Schnauzer 896
7 9 Chesapeake Bay Retriever
American Water Spaniel 1323
8 9 Golden Retriever 1498
American Water Spaniel 1323
9 9 Bearded Collie 1673
10 10 Chesapeake Bay Retriever 1457
American Water Spaniel 1457
11 10 Bearded Collie 1860
12 10 Golden Retriever 1658
American Water Spaniel 1457
13 11 Bearded Collie
14 11 American Water Spaniel 1595
15 11 Bull Terrier 3648


  • After defeating him, the Bull Terrier can actually attack you on the Boss spot, instead of you attacking him.


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