Hey guys, this is my first blog post so sorry if it's bad. I'll be updating with news and also maybe the occasional joke. With that out of the way, let's get going. First of all: I beat the Panther for the first time. I used: A Mythicat named Nekomata, and I had my Colonel Meow along with my brown Ocicat, although I only used Nekomata for the whole fight. She was wearing a Tortilla, which boosts all stats by 20%...? I don't know... I brought my Colonel Meow with me, as well as a brown Ocicat. Neither were used in battle, although Colonel Meow took a hit from the Panther being faster. Second of all: The ending. Oh boy, the ending was hilarious. !!!SPOILERS!!! Basically Ginger and I made it to the top of ChowCorp Castle. Ginger demanded that the ChowCorp leader show themselves. It was...LORD Peanut (the dog you start with in BreadPuppies. The puppy counterpart acts as a sequel.) the psycho. Ginger was like "seriously...? A freaking CHIHUAHUA. What the crud?!" Lord Peanut explained why he was doing this, Ginger threw bread and 'breaded' him, he returned to normal, and the puppy went to Woofshire to rescue the puppies. !!!END OF SPOILERS!!! Third of all: The Breading fails. Ugh, the Breading fails. Yup, I can't bread the normal leopard... I've wasted 60+ Bread on these leopards, and that's a high for me, especially considering the average amount of capture bread I have on me is usually around 10-30 pieces. I've got my Colonel Grump (the Colonel Meow I mentioned above) wearing the Kare-pan, what am I doing wrong?! Fourth of all: The Breading hype. I have breaded all common and uncommon kittens, and I only have the pink and black Ukranian Levkoy to bread for Rare kittens. I've got 110/121 kittens, so yeah. Not much else. Oh, and here's a slideshow for you of images relating to this post.

  • My team when I fought the angry Panther, although I only used Nekomata xD
  • Nekomata beating the angry Panther
  • Lord Peanut telling Ginger that she's too late.
  • Ginger breads Peanut, lol
  • Why can't I bread these leopards?!
  • The leopard has FREAKING ONE HEALTH POINT?! ...And I still failed to bread him ;-;

Well, that's it for this post. I'll be posting again with news, so check back soon. Bye!


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