I basically strolled around in Amberfield completing levels and such until I encountered the cutest thing I'd ever seen: the Scottish Fold! I weakened him with my Pepurrmint, Gift, and threw a piece of bread; I caught him on my first try! I named him Snuggles. I tried to get every level to 3 star, and when I returned to Amberfield, I encountered Colonel Meow; with the green uniform! I struggled to defeat him; Gift fainted and I had to get Wilder, my brown Ocicat, in to defeat him. It was hard, and sadly Gift didn't get a single reward. While my kittens healed, I checked the adoption center: A Ticked Tabby, a Chartreux, and finally a Pixie-bob! Lastly, I obtained the "Like A Boss!" achievement a few battles later.

No screenshots today.

Mystic the Mythicat, equipped with Crepe, is level 31. Gift the Pepurrmint, equipped with Sourdough, is level 31. Wilder the Ocicat*, equipped with Onion Bun, is level 30.

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